Thanks for the donations to the Stanton Migraine Protocol inc., today by:
Joan Coleman Florist
Wayne Marsh
Nav Gill
Kimberley Kennedy Waller
Mette Varegg
Katie Gotzen
For those who may not know, I am running a fundraiser for my birthday, which is a week from today. The funds are used to help our migraineurs–we periodically provide gifts of supplies of electrolyte, magnesium, or Keto-Mojo to our members, e-book to those who cannot afford to buy it. The donation is running on Facebook and ends on my birthday on August 18th. 
All donations are used to help our migraineurs and to cover expenses associated with spreading the word and helping other migraineurs to find us. The Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc., has no salaried or paid employees or workers; all work is freely donated. ❤️
Thanks to all of our donors!
The Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc., team
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