Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc. was established in July of 2017 with the goal of educating an ever-widening circle of medical professionals and academic experts about the success of the Stanton Migraine Protocol®, a protocol for preventing and treating migraines without the use of medications. These professionals in turn can help us spread the word, gradually changing how migraineurs are treated, or to be more precise, are mistreated.

The Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc., is recognized by the IRS as a charitable educational entity, and as such, it is eligible to receive tax deductible donations. Although we have received a few donations already prior to our tax-exempt status, obviously, for our US members and sympathizers tax deductibility can make a difference. All donations are tax exempt but donations smaller than US$250 don’t require us to provide a receipt that proves deductibility, though we will gladly provide a receipt if requested. Donations greater than US$250 require us to provide a receipt.

All funds raised will be devoted to the educational activity described above through participation at important academic conferences and publications in influential academic journals. We may also help migraine sufferers who lost their jobs and can’t afford to purchase the book by providing them a free copy, and on occasion even with blood glucose and blood ketones testing equipment.

We are asking you to donate any amount you feel is appropriate; an amount you can afford. Together we can help many migraineurs!

Thank you in advance for your financial assistance for achieving our ultimate goal: a migraine-free and medicine-free life for all migraineurs.


  1. Dear Angela,

    I’ve been meaning to visit the site and donate. A year ago, just before I found you and your work, I felt like my life was over because of the daily, or near daily migraines. The daily pain or hangover from pain and drugs was so intense, I couldn’t work. I could barely get through the day. I was lucky enough to have read your name in the comments from another migraine support group where I posted the question: Has anyone here ever had success changing their migraine situation through diet.? One woman mentioned your name and said you had a book. I immediately went to Amazon to buy it, then joined your FB group. Your protocol saved my life. I was reflecting today how my sense of fear and dread is now gone, replaced by joy for living, energy, clarity, and vitality. I wish I had more money to donate to your research, but instead, I will give what I can every year. Keep up the incredible work. Your dedication to all of us migraineurs is priceless.

    Much love,


    1. Thank you so much Jen! <3 I am so happy you found our migraine support group. I ma tickled to tears from every single testimonial I get. Thank you for your trust and support!


  2. I believe I am the first migraineur recipient of a free testing kit through this non-profit. Dr. Stanton’s book has been an enormous help to me so far. And this very generous and kind gesture by her and Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc will allow me to pursue enacting her protocol with the goal of further decreasing and ending my migraines.
    Many thanks to Dr. Stanton!

    1. We are very happy that we could provide you with help to become migraine free! <3 We would like to thank to all of our supporters who funded us to be able to offer help to migraineurs!
      Now let's get at those migraines! <3 We are looking forward to supporting you through the process!


  3. Dr Stanton has been helping me through the Facebook group for the past year to heal my insulin resistance, which is a major cause of my migraines. I’ve had migraines since age 12, which turned chronic by age 16. I took triptans from age 13-26, had mistake brain surgery at age 17 which resulted in further brain damage. I took many horrible longterm meds on top of the triptans, meant to prevent or abort the migraines (none worked). Triptans took away the pain but caused me to become dependent on them, and resulted in more migraines. I found the Keto diet when I was 26, and things turned around until I fell off the wagon (it is hard to do alone) and went back to my old way of eating. I tried the keto diet again when I was 27, but this time stuck it out for 5 months and then discovered Dr. Stanton’s book. The community on the Facebook group is what has helped me not throw in the towel when it gets difficult! And Dr. Stanton even gifted me and others in the group Keto Mojo Strips or Electrolyte pills, both of which we all use on a daily basis. I couldn’t be more grateful for Dr. Stanton, her administrative team, and this nonprofit. They are really just trying to help migraineurs, and it is so far opposite of most people in the industry who are trying to make money, that it is shocking and almost felt too good to be true at first. Reversing migraines and putting insulin resistance in remission can be a long process for someone with a history like mine; others who don’t have as complex a history are able to recover much more quickly. Thanks for everything you do Dr Stanton!!

    1. Thank you so much Elaine! We are so happy to have been able to help and continue to hep! <3

      Thanks to all the support we receive from our donors!
      The Stanton Migraine Protocol Team

  4. I’m very new to protocol–I haven’t even finished the book yet–but I was intrigued after I’d gotten rid of all added sugars last year for lent and noticed a huge difference in my migraines. I’d only gotten them occasionally in the past, but a little over a year ago they started getting way worse, and by about a couple months ago I was dealing with SOME form of head pain every single day. Even just starting the protocol a couple weeks ago and not having incorporated it fully yet, I have reduced my migraine pain back down to only on occasion. My day-to-day pain is mostly gone! A couple weeks ago as well my car broke down and has to be completely replaced. On a teacher’s salary and being a one-income household, this is a massive financial burden. I am so thankful that the nonprofit was able to step in and help buy the integral tools I needed to really reduce my pain. Life changing.

    1. We are very happy that we could provide you with assistance with such financial constraints by purchasing a Keto-Mojo testing kit for you. It will help you ensure that you remain metabolically healthy regardless which of our protocol you follow. <3

      The Stanton Migraine Protocol Team

  5. I am so grateful to have been awarded a Keto-Mojo for great participation in Dr. Angela Stanton’s forum on Facebook! I almost fell off my chair when I heard the news!! Thank you to all of those who have donated to this amazing foundation! I am so happy to learn about all of the amazing people out there who given us migraineuers a voice when we were at our lowest point.
    I came to my lowest a ‘few times’ in the past year. I could bare no more pain.
    One night, in the midst of a severe migraine and great desperation, I stumbled across and then read ‘A Special 5* Review’. It took my breath away. For a moment, I thought someone was writing about me! It had to have been me, who else could live with nearly the same diagnosis, symptoms, treatments, and pain as I? It was almost identical to what I have gone through, all the way back to my childhood. I couldn’t believe it! I knew at that moment, I found my place, my people.
    I was overjoyed when I had gotten the money together to finally buy Dr. Angela Stanton’s book! Ecstatic to join the group and get started! I am now, 3 months out and active on the forum, very new yet and have so, so much to learn, but I am so excited and hopeful for this life changing event and have vowed to never surrender again.
    Thank you to all of the kind and generous people who have given me this new tool (Keto-Mojo) to help me into my next phase of Protocol. I am very blessed♡
    I will pay this forward♡♡

  6. I just received my copy of your book. Thank YOU so much! You have made such a difference in how migraine is treated. Thank you!

  7. I’m so grateful for this nonprofit to have been gifted the Fighting the Migraine Epidemic: Complete guide book today. I have only skimmed though pages of book, but I have already been impressed with the book’s linkage of migraines to Raynaud’s and low blood pressure, two of my health problems that I thought were unrelated. I am very hopeful that the guide can reduce or eliminate my migraines so that I can stop taking prescriptions that cause me terrible side effects.

  8. I’m very happy to be able to read your book and very thankful you sent it to me.

  9. This book has been a game changer for me. Even in my very few weeks implementing the changes stated in its pages, I already see results. I am truly grateful to this nonprofit and their generosity in gifting me the book in my time of need. Thank you to Angela for all the work put into this and for helping the rest of us control the beast that is migraines.

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