Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc. was established in July of 2017 with the goal of educating an ever-widening circle of medical professionals and academic experts about the success of the Stanton Migraine Protocol®, a protocol for preventing and treating migraines without the use of medications. These professionals in turn can help us spread the word, gradually changing how migraineurs are treated, or to be more precise, are mistreated.

The Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc., is recognized by the IRS as a charitable educational entity, and as such, it is eligible to receive tax deductible donations. Although we have received a few donations already prior to our tax-exempt status, obviously, for our US members and sympathizers tax deductibility can make a difference. All donations are tax exempt but donations smaller than US$250 don’t require us to provide a receipt that proves deductibility, though we will gladly provide a receipt if requested. Donations greater than US$250 require us to provide a receipt.

All funds raised will be devoted to the educational activity described above through participation at important academic conferences and publications in influential academic journals. We may also help migraine sufferers who lost their jobs and can’t afford to purchase the book by providing them a free copy and on occasionly even with blood glucose and blood ketones testing equipment.

We are asking you to donate any amount you feel is appropriate; an amount you can afford. Together we can help many migraineurs!

Thank you in advance for your financial assistance for achieving our ultimate goal: a migraine-free and medicine-free life for all migraineurs.


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