Holiday Fundraiser

As we end 2019 and plan for the year ahead, I’m asking you to join us and make a year-end donation to Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc.

Funding from our supporters makes up a critical portion of our funds that we spend on spreading information about a medicine-free migraine-prevention approach on academic conferences, academic articles, and other avenues, including research, as we head into the next year. We would like to thank all of our donors who support us, however small or large donation they are able to make. To support us, please click here.

As I am writing this note, the Stanton Migraine Protocol is currently helping close to 6000 migraine sufferers on Facebook alone (see here and here) from all parts of the globe.

In addition to financially supporting us, please spread the word about us, so migraine sufferers from all over the world can find us and join us. Migraine knows no borders, nor does the Stanton Migraine Protocol.

Happy Holidays from the Stanton Migraine Protocol Team

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