Most migraineurs seek help from healthcare professionals and end up with a host of medicines. The Stanton Migraine Protocol® is a solution based on understanding what migraine is caused by rather than dampening the symptoms, which is what medicines aim to do.

We offer a variety of help options for migraine sufferers, both free as well as fee-based consultations with a professional.

The free service can be found on Facebook, where we operate a migraine group that applies the principles of the Stanton Migraine Protocol® and guide migraine sufferers day by day how and what to do. We also have a support group of thousands of other migraineurs, some veterans and many new members, each of whom is ready and eager to help.

In addition, we also provide private one-on-one consultation by geographic area specialists. Please contact us for more information.

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    I’d like to look at the diet before buying the book. Is that possible?

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