Most migraineurs seek help from healthcare professionals and end up with a host of medicines. The Stanton Migraine Protocol® is a solution based on understanding what migraine is caused by rather than dampening the symptoms, which is what medicines aim to do.

We offer a variety of help options for migraine sufferers, both free as well as fee-based consultations with a professional.

The free service can be found on Facebook, where we operate a migraine group that applies the principles of the Stanton Migraine Protocol® and guide migraine sufferers day by day how and what to do. We also have a support group of thousands of other migraineurs, some veterans and many new members, each of whom is ready and eager to help.

In addition, we also provide private one-on-one consultation by geographic area specialists. Please contact us for more information.

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    I’d like to look at the diet before buying the book. Is that possible?

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    I am curious of what this is about. Have had migraine since teens, now 56. Have eaten lowcarb for 5 months now. Meny things become better, but not less migraine

    1. Stanton Migraine Protocol

      Dear Doris,

      Thank you for your contact. Please join our Facebook migraine group here for detailed information. Eating low carbs is a great start, but is not sufficient. You will learn all of what’s needed in the group. There is also a book we recommend you read so you can learn about what migraine is, how it is caused and by what, and how to stop it and prevent it.

      There is also a testimonials page

      And I have been interviewed several times, some of which are linked below. Please watch these YouTube videos as well:

      Dr. Shawn Baker and Zach Bitter:
      Biohackers Lab:
      Tthe Ketogenic Girl:
      MeatRx with Dr. Shawn Baker:

      I hope you join us on FB. If you prefer private consulting for a fee, that is also available. Please send email to Angela.

      Best wishes,

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    Hello Angela Stanton.

    I would like your help. I am not on FB, and Will never be.

    Is the diet recipe to read and follow in Your book??

    Thanks in advance.
    Mette Stübert, Denmark.

    1. Stanton Migraine Protocol

      Hi Mette,

      Sorry, I received this post very delayed! There are no recipes or diet details much in the book. The book is an explanation of what migraine is and gives only details the foods you should not be eating. The focus of the book is the understanding of what migraine is. Most of the additional information is in the Facebook group or by by private consulting.

      Best wishes,

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    Hello. I was referred by Dr. Robert Cywes for Dr. Stanton. I have consulted with Dr. Cywes for help with weight loss and the ketogenic diet. But I have had a few serious confusional migraines. He wanted me to check with Dr. Stanton to see if she agreed with the plan. I would be happy to set up a consult to discuss.
    Thank you, Liz

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