Doing research with migraine sufferers is unusually challenging since their most typical, meaningful age group for study is the 35-50 cohort, when people are in their prime career and child-rearing years. For this and various other reasons as well, clinical trials are practically impossible to conduct. However, beyond anecdotal evidence, well-designed scientifically sound surveys can lead to credible conclusions. The Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc., is in the process of applying for an ethical board approval to conduct rigorous surveys in the Facebook migraine group.

  1. Dear Angela,

    I am a full professor of Economics in the Netherlands and sufferer of migrraine for 35 years. Of which 5 years chronic migraine. When I hit 20 attacks per month and hardly could work anymore, I decided to review the scientific literature beyond the mainstream neurology. I managed to heal myself almost completely (I have 1-2 attacks per month now and often can do without a triptan). I just published a book about it (in Dutch).

    I would be interested in your research & book (I just donated and hoped to have access to the research page but I keep getting the question to donate (again) šŸ˜‰

    Best wishes, Irene van Staveren.

    1. Dear Irene,

      Thank you for your donation. Sorry, I removed your link since we don’t permit external links from our website. Our research page needs update for sure. Only we have very little time.

      You can find out more about my work here: and look at the testimonials: read my book (2nd edition): (I think in Netherlands the amazon link is different)

      join my Facebook migraine groups:

      and there are several interviews, both on YouTube as well as just podcasts. Here are a few YouTube video links:
      Dr. Shawn Baker and Zach Bitter:
      Biohackers Lab:
      The Ketogenic Girl:
      MeatRx with Dr. Shawn Baker:

      So you can learn a lot about the protocol and me–I recommend you start with the videos. If you would like to connect by email, feel free to send me an email at

      Best wishes,

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