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The Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc., has opened its virtual doors about a months ago and financial support and donations started to come in from all over the world to help migraine sufferers. All donations we so far received have arrived to us from migraineurs whom we have helped in the past or whom we are helping now to learn how to become migraine free.

We would like to thank all of the migraineurs who felt the importance to offer their support–financially or otherwise–to pay it forward and help us continue to provide free support to migraineurs in the Stanton Migraine Protocol and the Stanton Ketogenic Protocol groups on Facebook. Providing so much support is a full time job for several admins who volunteer their time to help all migraine sufferers that join us.

Please join our effort to provide education to migraineurs, doctors, nutritionist, and other healthcare providers so that the Stanton Migraine Protocol(R) can become a shared wisdom across borders, available from doctor offices as well and not just through Facebook.

In addition to helping those migraineurs who cannot afford to purchase the migraine book, which we hope to be able to offer to them free in time, we are also collecting funds for a clinical trial, to cover expenses of academic conference presentations, and invest in educational platforms.

We appreciate all the financial help you can offer, no matter how little.

Thank you for your help and support!

Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc., Team

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