Surprise Gift!

The Stanton Migraine Protocol Facebook Migraine Group often receives a lot of testimonials. A good selection of those is always posted on the Wall of Testimonials. The testimonial we received today was very different:

I think that the work being done here is groundbreaking, bold and pioneering. I am designating Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc., as my donation choice under Smile AmazonSmileamazon and encourage those of you who use Amazon to do the same. This way, every time you buy anything on Amazon this company gets a percentage from Amazon.

Wow, a breathtaking moment when I read this! What an amazing gift! And it gives forever!
Our deepest thanks to David Zischke for such a great donation and for encouraging others to select the Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc., a nonprofit educational charitable organization, for his donation!
The Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc., would like to thank to all of our donors for their generosity and kindness in helping migraineurs around the world.

100% of all donations received goes toward helping migraineurs by offering free books to those who cannot afford them, help offset the cost of blood glucose and ketones testing devices to those who cannot afford purchasing them, and cover expenses associated with clinical trial, academic publications, and conference presentations–as funds become available. Please support the Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc.

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