The Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc.,  Gifts its First Migraineur in Need

Today, the Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc., the nonprofit arm of the Stanton Migraine Protocol(R), has purchased its first gift to one of our Facebook migraine group embers in need: Janis Fulton. The nonprofit is providing Janis with a Keto-Mojo blood glucose and blood ketones testing kit, with 50 blood glucose strips, 60 blood ketones strips, lancer and 10 lancets, as well as the testing solution for both glucose and ketones. Replacement lancets are very inexpensive and can be purchased in bulk from amazon (this is amazon smile link) or elsewhere.

Thanks to all generous donors who have provided funding to the organization so we could afford to make this purchase for one of our migraineurs, who cannot afford it. ❤️

Please keep your hearts open for future donations for other needy migraine sufferers.

Donations are accepted from any country and currency; click on “Support Us“.

Thank you for your continued support! ❤️

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