This message is from a neuropsychologist who was forced into retirement early due to migraines, and who is in the Facebook migraine group.

“I’ve always had inexplicable physical (and emotional) symptoms that I knew were brain based. Simply put, my brain has been starving for most of my life. Dr. Stanton’s incredible ability to pull together many disparate fields of study–biochemistry, nutrition, neurobiology–into a sensible, simple theory of migraine has transformed my life. Not only do I not crave or desire carbohydrates, I see them as poison. I have much more empathy for myself and can finally stop worrying, stop hating myself, and start healing. I’ve only been officially associated with the protocol for three days and I already have seen an enormous reduction in migraine head pain. It almost feels like a thing of the past and I can’t imagine sabotaging myself now that I have hope and insight. Knowledge is key. No longer will I have to frantically go down rabbit holes chasing the latest incorrect, fad theory of diet and migraine. I don’t have to fear food and its purported allergens any longer. I know exactly what my brain needs. Now I can give credence to my formerly mysterious bodily symptoms (rather than ignoring them) and take action to help myself in the moment. Better health can be had by anyone who wants it. Just had to get that out. Ok. Breathe.”

You can also find this post at the Stanton Migraine Protocol’s testimonials website.

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